Courses at a Glance

Strategic Thinking and Planning

Introduction to systems thinking - the ability to see wholes and to deconstruct the organization into elements and subsystems in order to see relationships and interdepndencies. Differentiate between strategic planning and long range planning, tactical planning, budget planning, project planning.

Managing Change

Participants plan for organizational changes and improvement through better understanding of classic and state of the art organizational change concepts, and by anticipating and preparing for change agency roles which will enable them to help others through change.


Quality Customer Service

Participants focus on their organizations' mission statements and are introduced to four phases of customer service. Participants complete an assignment of internal and external customer service within their organizations, discuss the carrying service styles and merits of each.


Teamwork and Collaboration

Participants learn the interpersonal skills and concepts needed to work in collaborative, team-oriented settings and necessary to the successful handling of complex, multi-disciplinary projects.


Additional Courses

The following are additional workshops and seminars available upon client request that can be added to RDI's contract with GSA. Clients would then benefit from MOBIS pricing.

  • Basic Supervisory and Management Skills
  • Diversity Awarenes
  • Conducting and Participating in Effective Meetings
  • Crisis Communication
  • Media Awareness Training
  • Technical Writing Skills
  • Organization Skills and Time Management
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Facilitation Skills and Techniques
  • Coaching Skills and Techniques
  • Performance Management
  • Human Resource Management Practices
  • Conflict Management and Resolution
  • Decision Making and Small Group Dynamics
  • Stress Management