For meetings and processes ranging from Real Time Strategic Change initiatives, RTSC event






to traditional strategic planning processes (view dummy strategic plan), to Open Space events (view Open Space event photo),

Open Space event

to problem solving sessions (view PAHO photo),

PAHO photo






to interdepartmental conflict resolution, to innovation or creativity labs, to team building (view picture from team building event), to conducting focus group research.

Team Building Event








Training and Public Speaking

Courses and presentations include managing change, facilitation skills, custom designed leadership courses using a case-based training approach (view a sample case study), diversity(view the UAW-GM talk video), and the 3-hour “Healthy Relationships” workshop (view workshop overview) that is suitable for conferences and special events.


Organization Development (OD) Consulting

(click here to see RDI’s approach to analyzing and coming up with the right OD intervention for your organization)